Explainer Video Examples

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The best explainer video examples seems kind of subjective, right? Startups and established brands are trying their utmost best to make a name for themselves in this growing capitalistic society. Moreover, you never know who might be out there to believe in your product and make an animated explainer video that can offer more value than you can imagine.

In addition, sometimes a quick yet exciting explainer video is all a brand needs to let potential customers know what the product is all about, what problem it solves, and how.

Best Explainer Videos for Business Marketing

A research report by HubSpot concluded that animation video format is the most used content on the internet. Besides, people love to see content that is informative and entertaining at the same time. This proves how explanatory videos are resourceful to engage with your target audience.

For this article, we have picked up the best animated explainer video examples that can inspire you to create your own video. Moreover, the criteria to choose the best are primarily on engagement and video production quality.

10 Best Animated Explainer Videos Ever

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Boost Conversion Rates

Here’s the thing, converting visitors into customers is the number one goal of most companies. People are more than willing to buy a product if they watched a demo video about that product. In addition, the likelihood percentage among consumers is as high as 73%.

Rank Better on Google

The algorithm designed by Google ranks video content higher than any other form of content on the web. Statistically, video content ranks 53% higher on the search engine results as compared to the text.

Save Costs on Ads

Users often do not stay on your website despite clicking on your ad. In addition, that leads to a higher bounce rate, which means you are paying pointlessly for ads that are not creating conversions.

The interactive nature of the video creates entry points for your business to other available online platforms. As a result, your site gets lower bounce rates.

Explainer Video Examples

Brand Building

Video content is a great tool for building your brand. How? Create a video marketing campaign that captivates the interest of your target audience and create video content that sets you apart from others.

Pitch Perfect

Arguably, the best aspect of an whiteboard video is its computability. You can post it on your site, social media platforms, embed for an email marketing campaign, or include them in a presentation.

Increase ROI

To track stats for your optimized video content is much easier as compared to finding authentic statistical data on common ad campaigns. At this point, it is quite clear that your return on investment is marginally high despite low cost. You might be tempted to use one of those DIY animation video companies, they work, but not for every video. If you need a professional looking sales video with good ROI, find the best animated explainer video production company and invest in their creativity and expertise.

Explainer Video Examples

Here’s our list of the best animated explainer videos we’ve managed to find. The goal is to inspire you to go and make your own video for your business..

1. HangTag by Impark

This 60 second cartoon explainer video for Impark showcases how the parking service app, HangTag works. Created by Creamy Animation, the cartoon animation has soft bright colors that instantly capture your attention. However, the magic ingredient that works wonders here is its simplicity and clarity to add more creative depth to the message of the campaign.

2. Prescribe Wellness

This video is the flawless demonstration of how communicative tone is more noteworthy than the visuals. The visuals are good, but the 30-second video quickly interacts with viewers about the service without leaving out any details.

3. Slack

Generation Z tends to be leaning towards content that saves time as well as entices interest. This video from Slack reinforces these values perfectly to highlight how the busy life of an ordinary citizen contributes to numerous issues.

The simplicity of the video is off the charts. In addition, the scenario of the video is instantaneously recognizable. The 53-second video has bright, creative visuals with no spoken narration or words whatsoever. It even manages to lay out a few CTAs.

4. Airbnb

The score of the Airbnb’s typographic animated video makes you want to watch it again and again.  In addition, that is a great technique to engage with your audience that might feel the need to watch the video a couple of times. The video has a great inspiring vibe to it that lets you understand how it functions and provides value.

5. Groupon

Groupon’s video clocks at nearly 2 minutes, but the high contrast and crisp Animation make every second it worthwhile. Its bold and professional narration of the service works is good enough to resemble the high-pitched voice of Matthew McConaughey.

6. ZenCash

Five years later, this B2B explainer video for ZenCash’s explainer is still one of the best animated explainer videos you will see online. It’s been watched thousands of times and delivered great results for the company.

7. Nest

Nest video took it to the next level when it comes to the 2D animation. It makes home automation service seem like a walk in the park for the viewers. However, the friendly female voiceover and soothing music add value on how to use smart products in the house.

8. Crazy Egg

Here’s an explainer video for CrazyEgg. Their choice to go with heat and scroll map tools to explain the video is ideal because it helps users understand how the service may look like in reality.

The video does not just show flashy Animation but guides people through various windows on how to utilize the service to increase conversions. In addition, that captured the attention of the entrepreneurs and businesses. Additionally, animation video adds subtle CTAs throughout the runtime of the video.

9. Mint

Mint is a personal finance company that helps people manage their investments. Although the video clocks at just one minute and thirty-one seconds, it manages to contain a lot of information.

The scrolling style nature of the video makes it engaging for customers that are interested in features offered by Mint. Moreover, the professional narration compliments the Animation perfectly. The video successfully convinces users why the application is effective and easy to manage.

10. Hubspot

A valuable video explains and connects with your target audience. That very connectivity will make them more informative and distinctive.

In addition, that is precisely why HubSpot’s explainer video makes sure that the audience understands the paradigm of new marketing job responsibilities. The video starts with a statement about traditional marketing business model and leads to specific concerns that led to the foundation of the digital marketing revolution.

In addition, the combination of life-footage and animation is tricky to pull off, but the right script of the video flawlessly visualizes the current marketing services to the audience.


The aforementioned animated explainer videos are diverse for all kinds of business models. Moreover, it is entirely up to brands to experiment and take risks with the visual medium.

Video production companies can help you create videos that connect you with your audience and deliver a compelling message. Find out more about the video production services we provide.