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Product Demo Videos Done Right

Out goal is to provide demo video production services that gives a glimpse into what your product does and how it solves a problem. Demo videos offer a visual experience that focuses on the product’s benefits by using carefully crafted audio and visual elements.

Here at Mammothic Films, we understand the power of product demos and how they drive engagement.

Just look at the millions of views demo videos get on YouTube or the massive popularity of big brands product launch teasers. When a product video is done right, it can be a powerful marketing tool that transforms the perception surrounding a product.

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Product Demo Video Examples

Here are some of the product demo videos we’ve created.
We can help you create your own demo videos and showcase your products easily.


Blockchain Product Demo – Blockdaemon


Food Industry Product Demo – Agot Ai


Website Demo  – MMC


Startup Demo Video – ME Company


Educational Product Demo – YES


Startup Demo Video – TestBox


Healthcare Product Video – Claimwell


Startup Explainer Video – CoPilot Ai


Data Privacy Product Demo – Skyflow


Tech Product Video – Brady ID


Real Estate Product Video – Usherpa


Insurance Product Demo – Hometown Quotes

What Makes A Great Demo Video?

Although most product videos focus on features, product videos that truly stand out focus on more. Here’s what we think makes an amazing product video, and what all our product videos include.

We strive to hit all these details when we create product videos, so you can shine when you hit the publish button. Interested in finding out more about what we think makes an amazing product video? Drop us a line today and let’s schedule a free product video consultation.

  • Clear and concise messaging.

  • Highlights features but focuses on benefits, functionality, and usability.

  • Fantastic dialogue and narration.

  • The perfect length – long enough to get the message across but short enough to retain the viewer’s attention.

  • Presentation is very professional yet personable.

  • Is empathetic and relatable.

Benefits of Product Demo Videos and Presentations

Visual Proof

Remember show and tell? Well, in business, show and tell trumps just telling. Product videos help you show your customers what features the product has and how it works. When added to your carefully written product descriptions, product videos offer your audience a memorable audiovisual experience of your product.

Turns Features into Benefits

A great product video helps translate product features into benefits for your audience. This is important because people do not buy features; they buy benefits. When creating product videos, this is one area we are especially particular about, because we know the more benefit your product video demonstrates, the better the chances you will sell.

Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Use product demos to help demystify your products, making it easier for customers to conceptualize how the product will benefit them. If a product is new in the market or has several new features, a well-crafted product video is essential to helping new and existing customers understand the product and conceptualize its benefits.

Reduces Customer Care Calls

Product videos like demos, tutorials, how-to videos, and explainer videos help customers understand how to use a product. So, instead of getting endless calls about how to use a particular feature, a well-crafted product video can be emailed out to your customer base explaining how to use the feature.

What Types of Product Videos Should You Make?

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos offer a high-level overview of what a product is and how it solves a specific problem. Animated explainer videos are typically short, lack extensive detail, and focus on the core issue that is being addressed. An explainer video for a product can be animated, live-action, or a mix of both.

Product Unboxing Videos

If you sell a physical product, you should understand that product unboxing videos are a massive hit on the Internet today. When you create and publish high-quality unboxing videos, they demonstrate the attractiveness and quality of your product. Unboxing videos can boost your viewership significantly.

Product Demo Videos

Demo videos for products are simply a demonstration of a product. In the demo, the narrator will often show the product from different angles (if it is a physical product) and point out the various features it has. For software products, a product demo can comprise a simple walkthrough of the product.

Educational Videos

Educational videos offer a more in-depth perspective on a product. When creating product tutorial videos, we typically focus on existing customers who already own the product. Through an instructional video, you can help your customers derive more value from the product.

Product Review Videos

Product review videos are comparative and seek to benchmark a product against established standards. Our quality review video service can help boost your online credibility and help you attract more viewers to your YouTube channel.

Software Demonstration Video

Launching a new software product should always come with a software demo. This enables your customers to make an informed decision in their purchase. Watching a video that demonstrates how your software works and what problem it solves your increases customer confidence and boosts signups.

App Demo Video

Your App is ready to go to market or already launch. How do your customers know how the App work. App demo videos are an essential component of delivering exceptional customer experience. Use an App demo to help people understand how your App works.

Video Presentation Maker

As a presentation video maker we understand that making a presentation before a group of investors or large audience is not easy. A presentation videos makes presenting your ideas easy and effective. We’ve made presentation videos used at exhibitions and high level meetings. Find out how we can help.

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How Much Does A Product Demo Video Cost?

Different types of product videos are costed differently. When you schedule a free consultation, one of the primary things we’ll discuss is the outcome of the project. A typical demo video can be 1-2 minutes long, depending on the target audience and purpose of the video.

We also discuss the objectives of the project and what you hope the video will achieve. From this information, we offer you insights and suggestions that can help you attain your objectives. Finally, when we are ready to start the project, we’ll break everything down and send you a detailed quote.

If your products do not have product videos, then you are missing out on a massive opportunity. Here at Mammothic Films, we have seen product videos transform the fortunes, not just of a product, but of entire companies.

That is the power of a quality product video. Whether you are an individual blogger or a company, we welcome you to work with us to turn your products into amazing product videos that truly demonstrate the value they offer.

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