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Our Video Production Services leverage the power of
storytelling to create and deliver compelling video content.

Full Service Video Production

Video production is an essential part of every successful video marketing strategy. While in the past, putting out text content such as blogs was enough; today, you need video content to accelerate your marketing efforts. That is why leading companies today embrace live and and animation videos as a must-have addition to their marketing mix.

Here at Mammothic Films, a corporate video production company in Vancouver, we understand this radical shift in how businesses are reaching their customers. Our corporate video production services are tailor-made to help you change and enhance how you reach your customers.

With a professional marketing video from Mammothic Films, you can be sure your message will stand out amidst a sea of noise.

Video Production Examples

We create different styles of videos that include live action video production, cartoon character animation
motion graphics animation, whiteboard animation, 3D animation and mixed style.

Live-Action Videos

Live-action video is our most popular video style – it brings the power of human narration to life. If your message needs that human connection then a live-action product video communicates your message more effectively. Show your customers what your business is all about and the people behind the product of service you provide.

Our product demo video production services enable customers to see how the product works before they buy it. This is a very effective way to sell products because it allows people to see the actual product in action.
Depending on the type of product you’re demonstrating, you can use either live action or animation. Animation is quite flexible in that you can explain complex processes easily, create different scenarios in less time and on a smaller budget.

A truly good product demo video goes beyond its the features and benefits and exhibits how it solves a common problem. Its professional, engaging, long enough to explain the product’s benefits and value proposition — but short enough to keep people engaged.

Character Animation Videos

Animated cartoon videos are a great way to demonstrate how users interact with your product or service. Cartoon character animation videos use cartoon characters to offer a clear and relatable picture of what a customer will get when they choose your service.

Animation video content can be used to explain your business, product, or idea. This is the starting point of your video marketing efforts. It’s about helping your audience understand your business, the value you provide, and providing useful rich video content.

People have short attention spans so engage your viewers early and get them excited about your the story you’re telling. An explainer video is an essential component of every video marketing campaign. Mammothic Films has been in explainer video production industry since 2012, through our sister company, Creamy Animation. Find out more about how to make an animated corporate explainer video. We produce cartoon, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, live action, and other animation video styles.

Motion Graphics Videos

Think of motion graphics videos as animated infographics. Using motion graphics video will help you present and communicate data and technical information compellingly and engagingly. They do this by breaking down dense data sets into easy-to-consume motion graphics.

What is motion graphics? Think of motion graphics videos as animated graphics or infographics in motion. Using motion graphics video will help you present and communicate data and technical information compellingly and engagingly.

They do this by breaking down dense data sets into easy-to-consume animated motion graphics. Technology companies that need to show data and graphs in an engaging way can use motion graphics. Medical, scientific and technical processes are effectively demonstrated in animated motion graphics that other media. Get a feel of what the video production costs are.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation video production services are great for storytelling. By using a storytelling format, whiteboard videos can help you communicate complex concepts that require context. Through animated storytelling, you can create a memorable video that your viewers will connect with.

Have a story to tell? Whiteboard animation videos are great for storytelling. By using a storytelling format, whiteboard videos can help you communicate complex concepts that require context. Through animated storytelling, you can create a memorable video that your viewers will connect with.

Whiteboard animation is an intuitive marketing communication tool that enables you explain what your business does with clarity. Also known as scribing videos, these hand drawn animation videos are cheap and are the most affordable video style.

Benefits of Video Production for Business

So why should you be making video content for your organization? When done right, video content
engages your audience and drives results more efficiently than any other medium.

Corporate Video Production

Communicate With Clarity

When people watch marketing videos they understand and remember your message better. 3M Corporation’s study shows that found that the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. That means video helps your customers process your message much faster.

Corporate Video Vancouver

Drive Engagement

According to Marketing Sherpa, website visitors spend up to 100% more time on pages that have video compared to pages that don’t. SEO moz also found that pages with video attract up to 3 times more inbound links than those that do not.

Vancouver Video Production

Reach A Bigger Audience

More than 700 videos from YouTube are shared on Twitter every minute. That’s just video from YouTube. When it comes to shareability, video tops text and picture content. Adding video content to your website makes it easy for visitors to share it.

Video Production Services

Build Your Brand

Brands that use video content are perceived to be established and credible. By engaging your customers through educational videos, you give them access to the real side of your business, not just the static veil that is your website.

Corporate Animation Videos

Boost Website Search Rankings

Google loves video. To demonstrate this love, search results on Google now incorporate video results for searches. As a business, adding a corporate video with relevant and optimized content to your website can help you rank better in search engine results.

Video Marketing Services

Increase Your Bottom Line

Return on investment is always the bottom line. With a video production company like Mammothic Films helping you drive engagement, boost message clarity, build your brand, and enhance SEO, there’s no doubt you will see an uptick in the number of quality leads that come your way.

Our Video Production Process

Creating an amazing corporate video is no walk in the park – it takes hard work, attention to detail, extreme creativity, and extensive experience. When you work with a video production company like Mammothic Films, you can be sure we will spare no effort in ensuring the live-action corporate video we create meets and exceeds your expectations. We follow a non-linear iterative multi-step process to achieve this:


Animated Corporate Video

Our video production process starts with discovery, a collaborative process where we focus on you – zooming in to find out the why, what, where, when, and how of the project. At this stage, we want to know you and your company, who your target audience is, what your budget is, and the overall goals and objectives of the project.


Motion Graphics

Pre-production sees the beginning of the technical phase of the project. At this stage, we create a script, storyboards, and identify various requirements and dependencies such as equipment needs, logistics, talent, and project management. Our collaborative process loops you in to ensure we are all on the same page.


Corporate Video Production Company

Lights, camera, action! Production is where the actual film production begins. Here, we go on location with all the equipment needed, including lights, cameras, sliders, and other equipment. The producer works to ensure everything runs smoothly and that we capture the magic of the moment in as much detail as possible.


Whiteboard Animation

Post-production involves turning raw footage into the beautiful live-action video your viewers will watch. Our talented and experienced editors will add voiceovers, motion graphics, soundtracks, VFX, branding, and other elements to make your final video truly outstanding.


Business Animation

Once the video is complete, it’s time to share your final video with the world. Popular video hosting platforms like YouTube are ideal for promoting your business online. Track view count, engagement, geo-location, and other metrics with platforms like Wistia and VidYard.

Video Production Costs

Now that you know you need a video production services; the next question is how much does it cost to make a video for your specific project? At Mammothic Films, we provide affordable video production services to our customers. When you request videography services, several factors will affect the final cost.

The first cost factor is the scope of the video. What type of video we’re making, how many actors are needed, shooting location, and the size of crew needed to produce the video. There are several other variables that determine the final video production costs.

The second cost factor is the type of video. For instance, animations and live-action videos attract different costs.

The last cost factor is the script or message. A short, simple message will usually be easier to make making it cheaper compared to a long, complex message.

A simple video can cost anywhere from $1500, with bigger film productions requiring a budget of $20K plus. Please drop us a line, and we’ll schedule a free consultation with you to explore how much you may expect to pay for your corporate video.

Video Marketing That Drives Results

Video Marketing is the integration of video into a marketing campaign to promote a product or service, build customer rapport, demonstrate how something works, and the list is endless. Start by identifying specific goals you would like to achieve with video.

Like many brands are already doing, video should play a leading role in your marketing campaign simply because it works. Viewers are 65-85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. Brands that use video marketing increase their revenues 49% faster than brands that don’t use video at all.

If you’re not already building your video arsenal to promote your business take the plunge today and let’s make video work for you. We’ve been in the video marketing industry long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at our portfolio and how our video marketing services work.

The best corporate videos enhance the quality of your marketing message – driving more engagement and bringing in more leads. Working with an experienced and skilled corporate video production company in Vancouver like Mammothic Films, can help you turn your message into a high-quality professional business video.
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