Whiteboard Animation Videos – Best Examples That Will Inspire You

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Whiteboard Animation 

We’ve prepared the 10 best whiteboard animation videos we think will inspire you to make your own. With the advent of new video production and content forms, hand drawn video continues to inspire. We hope this article will inspire you to make your own whiteboard videos for your business.

A survey from Cisco highlighted that by 2021, more than 80% of the online traffic will comprise videos. What’s even more baffling is that internet video users would jump to 1.6 billion users.

The most hopeful aspect of the art form is how marketing videos have improved each year. Custom whiteboard videos have been around for a while now, and they still do work.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation Videos Add Value

For almost a decade, whiteboard making companies have capitalized on the solution-oriented nature of the whiteboard animation videos. Moreover, why would not they, as the tool offers the incredible potential to present ideas in innovative ways.

The unique, creative and affordable whiteboard animated videos have not just been valuable to market products or services, but to raise awareness as well. Furthermore, companies now use whiteboard ads to build brand awareness. It would be only fair to state that whiteboard videos is here to stay.

In this article, we will focus on some of the best whiteboard drawing videos and their unique visibility in the industry. We’ll take a peek into what whiteboard explainer videos could aspire to achieve in the near future.

Best Whiteboard Animation Video Examples

The unique, creative and affordable drawing video has not just been valuable to market products or services, but to raise awareness as well. Furthermore, companies now even use whiteboard Ads to change or maintain a brand’s perception. It would be only fair to state that video is here to stay.

In this article, we will focus on some of the best whiteboard videos, their unique visibility in the industry, and a peek into what these videos could aspire to achieve in the near future.

1.     Journalists For Human Rights

This whiteboard animation video example produced by Creamy is as subtle as it gets when it comes to misinformation. It creatively highlights some of the challenges we face today regarding misinformation.

The visual spectacle of the video is captivating and draws you deep into the narrative. Also, the script of the video effectively explains how to detect and handle misinformation on social media.

2.     Changing Education Paradigms

RSA style video series has a distinctive place in the history of the craft. Changing Education Paradigms is arguably the best of the bunch, featuring explanation through a TED Talk manner voiceover from the educationist and creative expert Sir Ken Robinson.

3.     Marker Maker

The Marker Maker is one of the earliest whiteboard animation videos created by Johnny Lawrence. It is a combination of stop-motion and live video. Stop-motion refers to the literal placement and change in each frame. The magic of practical effects, subtle music, and the pleasing voiceover is no wonder the video has over 2.3 million views.

Animation Pricing

4.     Toyota Camry

It is jaw dropping how a video can pack a strong punch in a 16 seconds video. Toyota explains the Camry’s new blind-spot technology that improves public safety and increases the company’s sales.

The framing and composition of the video have a definite structure. Moreover, the voiceover is imaginative enough to get the audience’s attention without indulging in many bells and whistles.

5.     Health Mart

The health mart whiteboard animation was made for McKesson Corporation to promote their pharmacy and care service. The video features compact digital hand drawn animation with high resolution and quality.

The major downside of traditional methods is that they can get quite expensive. The newer digital technology, however, allows you to rectify or improve the video even after recording.

6.     Energy Efficiency Financing

This energy efficient video is another short yet effective short video. The blend of 3D technology with vector rendering couldn’t be more perfect. Moreover, they developed a customized shader for a cross-hatching CGI effect.

The result is that the whiteboard animation video vividly explains how companies can utilize and rely on an energy efficient system.

7.     Born to Learn

This imaginative and inspiring video is a perfect example of how video can do marvels when it comes to raising awareness regarding social issues. It’s deemed to be one of the most successfully carried campaigns across the globe.

The script of the video is tight and informs regarding our capacity to learn and evolve. It also focuses on why the learning process should begin from the infancy. Moreover, the British voiceover by actor Damian Lewis certainly raises the bar of production.

8.     The Story of Stuff

For the longest time, the Story of Stuff Project is one of the most known hand drawn videos. The subject matter of the whiteboard animation is sensitive and powerful enough to entice the viewers’ attention. And the fact that video has more than 5 million views should get your attention

The video explains the relationship between production and consumption and how both affect our environment. It also works as a teaching guide for individuals who may not be aware of the use, sale, and unethical disposal practices.

9.     The Echo Sign

Not everyone likes reading instructional manuals. This video carefully informs the viewers about their EchoSign product functions. It is one of the most stylized and aesthetically pleasing hand drawing animations.

In addition, the use of red and blue colour palette helps viewers concentrate on the step-by-step mechanics of the product.

10.     Closed Loop Solution

The closed loop recycling solution is a fantastic video. It brilliantly highlights how the service could benefit the environment and help achieve a company’s long-term goals.

Although the video clocks in at just one a half minute, it thoroughly explains the nature of service and how it can do wonders for firms stuck with the extra load of paperwork.

Hand Drawn Animation

Whiteboard Animation Videos Are Effective

If you are going to create a whiteboard video, analyze the style, technique, and available strategies. You could either do it yourself using one of the online platforms out there or fine a whiteboard video company to help you.

Whilst making videos is a simple task, creating videos that will deliver the results you need is no walk in the park. You need to either have great marketing and production skills, or pay someone who does and will deliver a quality video. Check out our video portfolio to some some of the whiteboard videos we’ve produced.