Top 10 Corporate Videos You Can Make

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Make A Corporate Video

Making a corporate video is an essential part of an organization’s marketing and communication strategy. Let’s answer the question, what is a corporate video, then go on to look at the different types of corporate videos you can make.

What is a Corporate Video?

To put it simply, a corporate video is a term to define all kinds of video communication used for external or internal corporate messaging. Corporate videos target a specific audience rather than the general public.

Reputed organizations such as General Electric, Microsoft, CAE, and Airbnb have created different kinds of corporate videos to great effect. Keep reading to learn about the top 10 best corporate videos that you can make.

Best Corporate Videos

1.    Employee Training Videos

Whether it is for developing current skills, onboarding new employees or ensuring your team is cognizant of product features or new legislation, every organization has an obligation to provide training to their employees.

Utilizing video to train your staff is a splendid medium to accelerate knowledge retention and save a lot of time. Using corporate videos for training purposes has proven to be affordable, highly effective, and scalable. Once you create an employee training video, you can deliver it continually without any extra investment.

You can use an internal video platform to host these training videos in a library. This provides your work personnel with the freedom to access the videos whenever and wherever they want to.

2. Company Profile Video

Company Profile Videos are great if you want to introduce your company to potential stakeholders and customers. These videos are fairly short videos that give a general overview of the organization and the products or services that are on offer. It can include information about your organization’s values and purposes, your company’s history and a brief message from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Company Profile Videos are a special type of corporate videos that aim to help people to understand, connect, and engage with your organization.

3. Annual Report Videos

An annual report video highlights the operation and financial conditions of your organization. You can use a combination of text, graphics, and photos to chronicle your organization’s activities over the last year. Annual report videos also include statistical information such as the monthly profit margins and overall cash flow of your company. Apart from financial data, a brief summary of all the company’s accomplishments in the previous year is also included in an annual report video.

An annual report video is presented to all the company’s shareholders every year.

4. Internal Communication Video

Internal Communication videos are about sharing important information to your clients or within your organization’s hierarchy. With the help of these videos, you can reflect on a particular milestone or company’s achievement and convey a company’s policy as well. Internal communication videos are also a very effective tool to explain an upcoming initiative or project that your organization is planning.

Overall, internal communication videos help to make sure that your employees are well informed regarding the crucial details and updates about your company.

5. Recruitment Videos

The purpose of recruitment videos is to bring in skilled talent and workers. This is an ideal way to draw in potential applicants for open vacancies. These videos typically document the culture and personality of your organization along with the overall recruitment process. This gives potential applicants relevant information about how your organization operates and what they can expect in the recruitment cycle when they apply for an open position.

You can also use recruitment videos to show that your organization is being run successfully and hence there is the need to hire more recruits.

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6. Corporate Social Responsibility Video

A corporate responsibility video is created to show what your company is doing to help your community. The video can feature any foundations or charities you are a part of, staff volunteerism, sustainable practices, or what you are doing as an organization to look after your employees.

7. Promotional Corporate Video

This type of video, also called a promo video, is about getting more specific with regards to promoting a particular service or product of your company. Promotional corporate videos help to promote brand familiarity and brand recognition. For example, if your company launches a new product, you can promote and market it via a promotional corporate video.

The intent of a promotional corporate video is to convey the benefits of the service or product and help convert audience to potential customers.

8. Corporate Events Video

Corporate event videos can be use to capture everything that goes down at events hosted by your organization. A corporate events video usually features interviews with keynote speakers and attendees who were present at the event. You can then share this video with future clients and employees and everyone else who was unable to attend the event.

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9. Corporate Culture Video

A corporate culture video shows your company in all its glory. This type of video tells potential candidates who you are as a company and what do you stand for. It sets expectations, making it easier for jobseekers to decide if they are a good fit for the organization or not.

You can also include testimonials from employees and the CEO in the corporate culture video. This helps to broadcast what your organization does as a whole and how well your employees blend in with culture of your company.

10. Conference Videos

Conferences serve the purpose of presenting useful information to consumers about important issues. They issues may include components such as the future vision of your organization, current challenges and how to overcome them and various industry trends. Conferences tend to require huge resources to make them effective.

By filming your conference, you can capture the chief themes that were presented. Moreover, a conference video can also show extended content not presented at the conference.


Even though the list is not exhaustive, it gives you some great ideas on the type of videos you can make for your business and improve you corporate communications efforts. Some of the best corporate videos in the world combine creativity and simplicity, yet make a lasting impact on their audience. Find out more how Mammothic Films can help you start using corporate videos in your business.