Video Production Companies in Vancouver

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Vancouver Video Production Companies

Vancouver video production companies are among the best in Canada, USA, and around the world. They create corporate video content that’s an essential part of an effective marketing strategy, making brands stand out. Today’s businesses seek a professional video production company to create original content that can add significant value to their brand.

A Hubspot research shows that 54% of customers prefer video content more than any other types of content.

Vancouver Video Production Companies

Create Video Content And Build Your Brand

Before you partner with a reputed video production company or an animation studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, you need to be clear on why your business needs a video. Creating the right content is crucial to paint the best picture about your company and establish authority.

Setting up your YouTube channel is a great way to promote your videos through the platform. Every video you upload can push a decent amount of traffic to your social media pages and company website.

While Facebook dominates social media, marketers are also using platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn to promote their products. If you are an entrepreneur, small or big business owner, you have the potential to reach billions of users through every medium.

Your business can create a positive image of their brand through an effective animated explainer video. But most companies fail to pay attention to the production value of their videos. Remember, your consumers are smart enough to distinguish between an amateur and a professional video.

Hiring a qualified team of producers, videographers, and script writers who know how to attract the best customers, is crucial to creating hard-hitting videos.

Corproate Video Production

Why Hire A Video Production Company?

Here are a few benefits of using the services of a Vancouver video production company to create video content for your business.

Increase Online Brand Visibility

By the year 2021, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. Most companies fail to acknowledge that a large percentage of their customers may be visual learners. This implies that many of your customers are more receptive to products that are promoted through videos. Consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about that product.

Placing professional product videos on your product pages, landing page, and social media pages helps you convert more customers.

Here are a few styles of videos that are used to boost brand awareness.

Before and After Videos: Highlight a problem and offer a solution. This way you’re showing how a product solves a common problem your audience may have.

Educational Videos: Videos created for educational purposes not only provide useful info to your audience, but are also widely used to train workforces.

Ads or Promo: Online ads are short intros of your products or services.

Video Can Help Increase Brand Recall

Brand managers categorize brand recall as a qualitative measure of how well a brand name is connected with a class of products by consumers. When a significant percentage of your customers are aware of your brand through a professional video or an animated explainer video, the next phase is to build loyal customers.

Brand recall refers to your potential customers’ ability to recall your brand name when they need to buy a product or a service. For example, you want to ‘Google’ something instead of ‘finding’ it. When companies use videos to build brand recall, here are a few options to choose:

Corporate Video: A corporate video gives your customers insight into your company’s corporate culture. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience and humanize your brand.

Landing Page Videos: Create a landing page video to explain what you business does and reveal your value proposition.

Testimonials: There is nothing more influential than a video testimonial to create a stronger connection with your first-time visitors. Video testimonials look more authentic and credible.

Event Videos: All such videos cover your own company events, but can also portray other events that you have participated in with a business partner.

Customer Videos: Videos that place more emphasis on a loyal customer to reveal how your company has impacted his or her life.

Email Marketing: Just the word video in your email subject line can increase the open rates by 19%. Including a video can make your email marketing campaign successful.

FAQ Videos: Company professionals and entrepreneurs can provide answers to some of the most common queries that their current and potential customers typically search for on the internet.

Thank You Videos: When someone has purchased or hired a service, you can thank your customer while suggesting similar products to initiate multiple purchases.

Behind the Scenes Videos: Create a series of videos to show how your products are manufactured.

Referral Videos: For promoting any referral program to build your consumer base.

Best Video Production Companies

Animated explainer videos are now considered game-changing methods to step up your game. Vancouver is home to some of the world’s leading video production companies that can help you make the most out of your video marketing campaign.

Expert and qualified animators and videographers are eager to create stunning product videos so you can launch new products, promote your existing services and accomplish career milestones.

Some small business owners and entrepreneurs commit the deadly sin of shooting a video in-house, instead hiring a professional. The end result is an amateur video without any impressive animation, sound effects, music or script.

But creating a professional video is not a job for novices. Successful businesses partner with renowned video production houses to create hard-hitting videos that convert.

Video Production Companies – How Do You Choose One?

Video Production Experience

The best production companies in Vancouver work with professional and experienced creatives who know to use the latest video and sound equipment. Many video production companies also provide video marketing services so you don’t have to worry about promoting your own videos, once they are ready to be published.

Ability to Video Marketing

Not every production house can help promote your video online after the video is complete. Video optimization in essential component of online video marketing. When we say optimization, we mean a video has the potential to rank well on the SERP’s. Every video you produce must be optimized search and for every unique platform in order to improve visibility and score a decent number of views.

Video marketing has compelled marketers to brainstorm different video concepts and ideas to convince smart consumers. Videos are now an engaging media to offer the solutions to today’s most common problems. Collaborate with a premium video production company to produce a video that focuses on your consumers’ basic needs

Video on landing pages can boost conversion rates by 80%. Use the emotive power of animated explainer videos and place a call to action at the end or during the video to initiate activity.

Their Established Skillset

You’re more likely to get a well polished video from a company that focused on a particular style or video. An animation company is more likely to create a better production than a live video production company, that also does some whiteboard animation on the side. The top video production companies that we mention in this guide, work with highly creative and skilled script writers and videographers, so you get nothing but a flawless video.

Animation studios and video production houses study the consumer behavior of your target audience before creating a video.

Clear communication and attention to detail are the key attributes of a professional video production company. Researchers reveal that more than 50% of today’s customers prefer products that are promoted through videos.

Video marketing has compelled marketers to brainstorm different video concepts and ideas to convince smart consumers. Videos are now an engaging media to offer the solutions to today’s most common problems. Collaborate with a premium video production company to produce a video that focuses on your consumers’ basic needs

Video on landing pages can boost conversion rates by 80%. Use the emotive power of animated explainer videos and place a call to action at the end or during the video to initiate activity.

Top Video Production Companies

Vancouver Video Production Companies List

Vancouver has some of the world’s leading video production companies. Here’s a list of video production companies in Vancouver. The companies we have listed here are some of the best video production studios in Vancouver, and are based on their area of focus. However, this list if by no means exhaustive.

  1. Omnifilm Entertainment
  2. Means of Production
  3. Dream Film
  4. Mammothic Films
  5. Shawn Lam Video
  6. Memento Films
  7. DHX Media
  8. Pushr
  9. Rami Films
  10. Media Button
  1. Omnifilm Entertainment – Film for Television
    Founded in 1979, the production company has created hundreds of hours of dramas, comedies, and children’s shows for broadcast on networks such as ABC and digital platforms like Netflix.
  2. Means of Production – Television Commercials
    Helps produce television commercials and programming, feature films, music videos and corporate content. Based in Vancouver, the production company is one of the best companies in their industry.
  3. Dream Film – Documentary Film Production
    One of the top-rated and award-winning documentaries film production companies in Vancouver. With a list a unconventional and thought-provoking documentaries, the team has created some buzz-worthy content.
  4. Mammothic Films – Corporate Videos & Documentaries
    Mammothic Films is a leading video production company in Vancouver. With a highly creative team and a diverse portfolio, the company has been producing impressive work for businesses in Canada, USA, and around the world.
  5. Shawn Lam Video – Live Video Webcasting & Events
    This Vancouver-based video production company specializes in live event video production, webcasting for connecting live with your audience in real-time, video hosting alternatives and other video related services.
  6. Memento Films – Wedding Videos
    One of the best video production companies with a focus on wedding videography with creative storytelling. If you need a top-notch wedding video, check out their work and see if they’re a good fit.
  7. DHX Media – Animated Children’s Entertainment
    The media company is a reputed global company that is dedicated to producing high quality children content. Create and distributes its content to TV networks and steaming platforms.
  8. Pushr – Videos for Startups
    A young and creative video production team that creates videos for Startups. They’ve taken a modern approach to producing videos, using drones and other cool techniques that are unique to their brand.
  9. Rami Films – Music Videos
    A music video production company that creates high quality productions for top musicians and artists in the music industry.
  10. Media Button – Live Corporate Video Production
    Is one of the leading corporate video production companies based in Vancouver. The studio produces some of the best live video content for brands and non-profit organizations.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a good production house for your next video project, make sure you hire a company that specializes in the type of video you’re looking for and has a strong portfolio to show for it. Compare pricing, quality and reviews from several companies before you hire the best video production company in Vancouver. Check out our Toronto video production companies list and Vancouver animation studios.