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Finding the Best whiteboard animation studios to work with

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Whiteboard Animation Studios

Whiteboard animation studios create videos that explain complex ideas and promote your business.

So what are the 10 best whiteboard animation studio list in 2022? Let’s find out. Whiteboard production business gained popularity just a few years ago, but the art form revolutionized the transformation process of complicated concepts into easy-to-understand narratives.

This technology is not just in the interest of the whiteboard making companies, but also the viewers who wanted to consume insightful yet entertaining content.

Over the years, custom hand drawn animation videos have opened new doors for engaging and innovative methods to market products or services. In fact, numerous SMEs choose to create an explainer video to promote their business.

Whiteboard Animation Studio

Why Make a Whiteboard Video?

According to Vorsight, only 3% of your target market is actively willing to buy from you. What does this mean? The majority of visitors on your site are looking for more informational content than buy instinctively.

The intent and layout of your website should be clear-cut and self-explanatory on what you do, how you do it, and why you do it in the first place.

Apart from providing considerable value to your business, having to create your own whiteboard videos can be an exciting experience. Besides, the demand for markting video content has increased by 54% in a single year.

That said, a great whiteboard hand-drawn videos would echo through your company’s sales and website. In this article, we’ve carefully compiled a list of 10 whiteboard video companies that have successfully catered to the global market for years.

Examples of Whiteboard Videos We’ve Produced

Here are some examples of whiteboard videos we’ve produced for businesses in multiple industries and on different topics.


F.A Davis


Seattle Chamber of Commerce


Yukon Employees Union


Haakon Industries




History of Social Injustice & Racism

Finding A Whiteboard Animation Company

The fact is, every business owner works hard to boost sales and improve brand visibility. Naturally, you’ll need to know the best whiteboard video companies that can create great video.

But choosing the perfect whiteboard maker online can be hectic and requires extensive research on your part. Besides, the market includes many of them. Fret no more; we are here to help you choose the one that fits with your business model.

Looking for a whiteboard animation studio? We’ve created hundreds of whiteboard videos, training videos, corporate videos, and other animated storytelling content.

Whiteboard Animation Agency

The unique, creative, and affordable whiteboard video has not just been valuable for business promotion, but to raise awareness as well. Furthermore, companies now even use whiteboard ads to change or maintain a brand’s perception. It would be only fair to state that whiteboard videos is here to stay.

In this article, we will focus on some of the best videos, their unique visibility in the industry, and a peek into what whiteboard videos could aspire to achieve in the near future.

Whiteboard Animation Companies

Best Whiteboard Video Companies

Here’s our list of the 10 best whiteboard video companies:

  1. Creamy Animation
  2. Gisteo
  3. V3 Media
  4. FireStarter
  5. Cognitive
  6. Flimp Media
  7. Semalt Media

1.     Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation has been making whiteboard videos since 2010. Creamy creates informative, simple, effective, and engaging videos that serve their clients and as viewers equally.

Having created hundreds of whiteboard videos for companies around the world, we understand the power of video marketing. Though Creamy still offers whiteboard videos, it also provides motion graphics and cartoon character animation videos.

Moreover, the gifted creators of the company encourage the collaborative effort to create custom whiteboard videos and add the client’s input in creating the script for the promotional videos. The maturity and taste of the producers reflect the quality of the final product – And this statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to Creamy Animation.

2.     Gisteo

Gisteo offers simple solutions for brands with viable and expanded budget options. Since the inception of the whiteboard company, it has reached out to other companies to develop a better pitch mechanism for captivating stories. Some of the videos created by Gisteo are playful yet pose a business structured vibe that appeals to everyone.

3.     V3 Media

This Colorado-based company has an aesthetically pleasing and professional outlook. V3 Media create a whiteboard video that relies on crisp storylines and interesting characters that instantly capture the attention of the audience.

It also analyzes client metrics and changing trends of whiteboard videos.

4.     FireStarter Videos

The distinct positioning of FireStarter focuses on voice talent to create custom whiteboard videos. It is always on the lookout to source the best voice actors for their productions. The company has even set up a feature on the site to allow visitors to post sample voices.

Whiteboard Video Production

5.     Cognitive

Cognitive is a whiteboard services studio that is trying to break animation boundaries. The company is composed of extraordinary animators who created RSA Style Whiteboard that is unlike anything in the animation history.

The whiteboard video company received acclaim for its efforts to spread awareness through its impeccable whiteboard videos.

6.     Flimp Media

Flimp Media has a quick turnaround despite a limited budget. The company also selectively chooses its clients. It has produced whiteboard videos on marketing, communications, training manuals, and fundraising.

7.     Semalt Media

The staff members of the Semalt Media have a unique approach to create whiteboard videos on behalf of their clients. All clients have to do is select and provide the template URL and leave the rest to expert animators.

Semalt Media carries out the script for a whiteboard and image selection process, but clients are free to provide valuable input.


If you are in the market to choose a whiteboard video company, make a note whether the drawing style and voiceover match your brand’s persona.

Also, it is expected that 65% of contemporary companies are planning to dive into explainer videos to boost their product or service offerings. But the tendency of viewers to switch to video content is as high as 95%. Wonder why people’s tv watching habits have changed over time.

Morbid curiosity has led many brands to failure that compromised on the quality of video content. It is wise to assess all available options within your budget. The trick is to track and align your whiteboard video marketing needs with the service provider.

You can work with the illustrators, animators, in-house professionals, and producers to convey and help create a custom whiteboard video. And mutual communicative thought-process will inevitably result in high-quality whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard Animation Video Production