Toronto Video Production Companies List

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Toronto Video Production Companies

Toronto video production companies produce some of the best video and TV productions around the world. When you are looking for the best video production companies in Toronto, the options are limitless. There are plenty of professional animation studios and video production companies in Toronto. These companies work with a professional team script writers, producer, editors, animators, and other artists to complete every project with perfection.

Whether you need an animated explainer video, a corporate video or a promo teaser, you can partner with a professional team of videographers to create a high quality explainer video.

Toronto Video Production Companies

Create Video Content That Increases Brand Awareness

Before you initiate the video production process, it is essential to take note of the various factors you need to consider. Every company must identify the purpose or goal of a video to ensure the success of their video marketing campaign.

Brands aim to increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty through videos. Some companies want to highlight their most recent achievements while others want to portray their work culture through a corporate video.

Regardless of the nature of your video, you must collaborate with a professional video production team to reach out to a wider audience. It is also important to promote your video on the right platform so you can get the best out of your video marketing campaign.

Here are the top qualities you need to look for in a professional video production company in Toronto.

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Video Production Quality

Anyone can shoot a video with a smartphone. However, what makes a corporate video or an explainer video different from a conventional video is quality. Nobody likes to sit through a mediocre and cheap quality video.

Even if you’re shooting a product tutorial, a demo video or an interview, it is imperative that you use high quality audio and video equipment to make your video look professional. There are many video production houses in Toronto that provide superior production services and you won’t have to spend a fortune on your video campaign if you work with them.

What Video Style Should You Choose?

There are different styles of videos to deliver your band message across. The best video professionals can guide you in choosing the best form of video style to make the right impact on your audience. At Mammothic Films we create live action videos, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, and more. Some companies want to shoot videos in a documentary style, whereas others prefer creating a fun and engaging animated explainer video to illustrate complicated concepts.

Regardless of the style and nature of your video, the video produced should be have all the qualities of great storytelling to convey a clear message for your campaign.

What’s The Ideal Video Production Budget?

The style of your video and length help determine the production costs. While prices may vary based on other aspects, look for a video production company that can deliver quality productions at on budget and on time.

Production Timelines Are Not All The Same

Every second of a corporate or an animated explainer video is a result of hours of work. If you go behind the scenes of a video production, you’ll notice that every video requires producers, script writers, actors, voice over artists, videographers or animators.

With so much talent involved in a project, there can be some unexpected delays in the production process. Make sure you hire a video production company that sticks to your timeline so you can execute your video marketing campaign within your set timeline.

Feedback And Customer Service

Working with a video production company that believes in constantly updating the client on the progress of a project is a blessing. You don’t have to follow up as you’re the agency to get constant feedback. Moreover, the best video production team is always available to answer your questions.

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Video Production Companies in Toronto, Canada?

If you’re looking for professional Toronto video production companies, here are the best production studios to consider for your next video project.

1. Minifridge Media – Corporate Videos

This video production house in Toronto has won accolades and awards for top quality video content for various businesses. Minifridge Media is popular for producing high quality corporate videos for both small and medium-sized companies. Their videos have the same feel as a TV commercial, but engage the audience to trigger activity.

2. SVG – Documentaries

The Toronto-based creative production house specializes in documentaries, cinematic commercials as well as corporate videos. With more than 400 projects under its belt, the company is one of the best video production companies in Toronto.

The production house produces content which inspires the audience to take an action. With a professional team of technicians, audio and video crew and creative professionals, the company has produced several award-winning projects for their clients.

3. Visual Smugglers – Corporate Videos

This unique video production company in Toronto is popular for offering an array of video content services. However, the company’s main focus is to create authentic video content to promote brand awareness and engagement.

The video production house takes care of all types of professional videos, such as corporate videos, behind the scene videos and event coverage so you can promote your business on all mediums. The company has an impressive portfolio that showcases multiple projects.

4. Mammothic Films – Corporate & Documentary Videos

Whilst Mammothic Films is not based in Toronto, Canada, we work with startups and business based in Toronto and around the world. We create corporate videos and documentaries that are engaging and memorable. Starting with a strong video marketing strategy, we’ll help you develop a video than connects with your audience and successfully deliver a compelling message.

5. NYB Media – Videos for Start-ups

The media company is famous in Toronto for its exceptionally creative work. The company offers expert video production services and is widely popular among small and medium-sized businesses for creating impressive videos.

The best thing about NYB Media is that the company has a highly professional team of artists and technicians who utilize state of the art equipment to produce high quality work. From photography to corporate video production and explainer videos, NYB Media delivers excellent services at incredible rates.

6. Cinematrix Media – Video production

This video production company offers expert services as well as offers the latest technologies in photography and video production. Cinematrix Media is popular for its production and video marketing expertise. The media company has successfully delivered more than a hundred corporate video projects. The Toronto-based video production house delivers high quality services to a global clientele.

7. TVC 15 – Digital Video Solutions

If you are looking for a trusted company that has worked with reputed brands and has a diverse portfolio, there is no better video production company than TVC to deliver your project. With high-profile clients like Knorr, TD Bank and Lipton, the production house excels in creating digital video content to take storytelling to a new level.

The best part about the company is that it stays with the client throughout the production process, from start to finish. From brainstorming different ideas to producing your animated or live video, the company does a great job to provide unique videos. TVC 15 works with the world’s best animators, storytellers and technicians to make every project a success.

Toronto Video Production

8. Cameraworks International – Multiple Video Production Services

This video production company delivers quality video production services and has offices in multiple locations. The company is known for producing high quality corporate videos. The production team handles all aspects of your videos, from pre to post production and also offers valuable services, like aerial footage, language translation and live event coverage.

Other popular services from the video production house include multi-format files, motion graphics, animations and green screen videos to customize every video according the client’s requirements.

9. Corbin Visual – Corporate Videos and Animated Videos

This Toronto -based video production house delivers impressive video production services with cutting-edge technology. The production house takes immense pride in taking complicated projects and producing the best results through their latest video production techniques.

The video production house offers a multitude of services including corporate videos, animated videos and live event coverage to make every video campaign a success.

10. Zebra Video – Corporate and Wedding Videography

This is a brilliant content creation company that is based in Toronto. The production house offers specialized services to produce corporate videos and also offers wedding videography services. The best thing about Zebra Videos is that the video production company offers incredible services at affordable rates so all types of businesses can benefit from their services.

They offer attractive packages that range from basic to full-fledged video production services. The company can also assist in marketing campaigns to help you have a successful video marketing campaign.

11. Unikron- Animation and Video production

This is a popular full-service video production company, which not only offers interactive media services, but also studio rental facilities. The studio offers a unique blend of services to help you deliver rich and solid promotional videos.

With a professional team of photographers, videographers and producers, the company does a great job at producing animations and videos with professional voice-overs.

12. Link Three Media – Video Production

Link Three Media is an excellent choice for branding your story through a solid video. The company boasts a professional team of video production strategists who know how to boost web traffic and convert customers.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking organically, trust in the professional services by Link Three Media to get the job done. The company’s core services include graphic design, photography and video production services.

The company has been providing professional services to all clients throughout the world and has a decent record of successful projects.

13. Key West – Videos for Non-Profit companies and Start-ups

This is another impressive corporate video production company. Key West specializes in the production of strategic videos to benefit non-profit organizations and small start-ups. The company is one of Toronto’s leading video production companies that excel in providing animation, videography and photography services.

Other areas of their service include webcasting, green screen production and providing training resources. The company has a diverse portfolio with clients from all walks of life.

14. Blue Moon Productions – Multiple Video Production Services

Being one of Toronto’s leading video production houses, Blue Moon Productions is known for creating meaningful productions that help you connect with your audience. The company works with expert and skilled videographers and uses only the latest of audio/video equipment to create impressive videos.

The production house is also known for its brilliant animations with powerful voice-overs and high resolutions videos. The company has been in business for over two decades and continues to offer a wide range of video production services to their clients.

15. Viva Media – Photography and Animation Services

Born out of pure passion for creativity, Viva Media produces effective marketing videos. The company was established in 2013, but has already made a name in the video production industry. From humble beginnings as a small startup to a full-fledged video production company, Viva Media has come a long way.

Video Production Companies – How Do You Choose One?

Regardless of the nature of your corporate or animated video, the actual purpose of all video campaigns is to make your brand a household name. While you can create a series of educational videos to train your audience or promote a product through a demo video, the best way to use animated explainer videos and corporate videos is to make them as relatable as possible.

Once your video is done, post on YouTube other social media platforms that accept videos. Whenever you upload a video, you can successfully push a decent amount of traffic to your official website and social media accounts.

Businesses can promote a positive image of their brand through an effective online video. However, only a professional video production company can incorporate all the essential elements that are required to produce a hard-hitting marketing video.

Quantity is not the sole factor to measure a video production studio’s success. Successful online marketing requires that you constantly create fresh and professional video content. Choose from our list of top video production companies in Toronto to produce a killer video that builds long-term brand value.

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